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Marketing To Nurses Amidst The Corona Virus

Looking for nurses to help fight the COVID-19 crisis? Read more to find out effective strategies for marketing to nurses amidst the coronavirus crisis. Nurses and doctors working for unimaginable hours without proper equipment that is almost every hospital in the city of New York right now. Doctors are devoting 16 hours shifts, while nurses continue to work even more. However, more is not enough right now.          With thousands dead and even more afflicted, the coronavirus has quickly become one of the world’s deadliest pandemics. What started as a localized virus infecting the Hubei province in China has quickly gone on to affect over 600,000 people in the US alone. In a country that has just over 2 million registered nurses , of which 1% are travel nurses, this surge is deeply troubling. Hospitals around the US have relied on temporary or travel nurses for ages. Now, as they are required more than ever before, travel restrictions have been imposed, preventing them

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