3 trends of 2017’s dental industry

Emerging digital market has made a great impact on dentistry. Dentistry is one of the most fascinating and high revenue generators and it haven’t kept itself away from evolving digital market. 2016 saw extensive marketing trends emerging from renewed focus on the customer experience to using social media in new ways to drum up business. Well, what would work in the digital world for dentistry in 2017? Increase the visibility of your business and draw attention as if you are proficient in dentistry. Here’s what you need to know about some of the dentistry marketing trends of 2017

1)Emphasis on Patient wellbeing 


Cosmetic dental services are grabbing the limelight. Patients nowadays believe dentists are magicians who have the power to create that “perfect confident smile” that they've always wanted to present themselves confidently in the society. Dentists reciprocate to emerging trends by emphasizing patient-centric dental practices.  
Dentists are great customers if you offer them anything that comforts their patients. Be it an electric chair that’ll enhance the patient experience and help them view dentistry in a more positive light. 
How can a conclusion be drawn from it? If your product eases dental treatment and makes it more comfortable or if it enhances the dentist-patient relationship, then dentists are more interested than ever, to know about you!

2)Innovative approach for Financing Options


It’s sad that not everybody has access to dental insurance or any sort dental coverage. As a result, dental clinics should be lenient about accommodating affordable dentistry options for people of all walks of life. Dentist being adaptive to current scenario offers Comprehensive Finance: it’s an in-house patient-financing plan that professionalizes the approval process, automates monthly payments, and outsources soft collections. 

3)Increased Digitalization In dentistry

Change is constant. Emerging practices not only retort to change, they anticipate change. Some of the trends addressed in this article may be flooding your practice or just beginning to crawl in. It’s time to act. Let’s end this article on a happy note for Marketers as well as dentists.  Marketers, this one’s for you “I see that the seeking to revamp their approach towards marketing and in other areas are the ones who are most successful at attracting and retaining patients.” Be visible they are seeking you!
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