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5 Expert Tips for Easy Brand Positioning

No matter how many product or services you have under the same name -brand name is what matters the most. Brand is the syllable every new launched product/service is defined by. No wonder why any well-known brand’s newly launched products are always sold out faster than expected. The reputation of a well-established name is certainly the major contributor towards the selling proposition and expectations are also high for the same. So, it's clear that brand positioning should be given utmost priority instead of any particular product separately. Therefore, we have compiled a few effective yet easy tips that will get you closer to a dominating brand value in the global market.

Focus more on logo and name We all know that features and quality is the most important aspect, but take a moment to sit back and craft a brand name and logo that leaves an impressive mark. It not just gains attention, but brings you a consumer's time to convey the motto behind your brand's creations.
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3 trends of 2017’s dental industry

Emerging digital market has made a great impact on dentistry. Dentistry is one of the most fascinating and high revenue generators and it haven’t kept itself away from evolving digital market. 2016 saw extensive marketing trends emerging from renewed focus on the customer experience to using social media in new ways to drum up business. Well, what would work in the digital world for dentistry in 2017? Increase the visibility of your business and draw attention as if you are proficient in dentistry. Here’s what you need to know about some of the dentistry marketing trends of 2017

1)Emphasis on Patient wellbeing 

Cosmetic dental services are grabbing the limelight. Patients nowadays believe dentists are magicians who have the power to create that “perfect confident smile” that they've always wanted to present themselves confidently in the society. Dentists reciprocate to emerging trends by emphasizing patient-centric dental practices.   Dentists are great customers if you offer the…

Is a Career in Oncology the right choice for You?

Some medical students decide what kind of doctors they want to become well before they start applying to medical schools. Some do it as interns, while doing their clinical rotations. Some influenced by passionate mentors, follow the footsteps of their favorite professors and some make the decision after chance encounter with cases that touch them strongly. But there are some, for whom this crucial decision can be a confusing one. If you are at such a standpoint and find yourself wondering about oncology, read on to make an informed decision if it could be your thing for the rest of your medical career.

Factors to consider before taking up Oncology as a medical profession
#Factor 1: Oncologists need to have nerves of steel
You may choose oncology because you want to make a difference in people's lives. Maybe you have one of those kind and generous hearts that cannot remain oblivious to human suffering. But you also have to assess, if you have what we commonly refer to as, 'nerv…

Top 5 Challenges faced by Nurses

Nurses are vital part of the healthcare industry, providing patient care at healthcare centers and hospitals. This is a noble though not often rewarding profession, considering pay is not uniform and work-pressure is never ceasing. The fact cannot be denied that nursing professionals face challenges. They face variety of challenges - some are easy to overcome; while some issues are highly intricate. In addition to that, there is a lack of universal legislature to help nurses with these issues at the administrative, state, or national level.

Here are few of the challenges that are hurdles in the nursing profession, not allowing them to pursue their multi-functional roles in hospitals and healthcare centers effectively.

Shortage in staffing 

Hospitals are suffering from financial crisis due to increased healthcare costs. They are trying to cut down cost in all possible ways. Nurses are no exceptions. There is a limited recruitment of nurse staffs e. However, these cost cuts linking to d…

5 Motives to Pursue a Career as an OBGYN

An obstetrician/gynecologist is a healthcare professional who provides medical and surgical care to women. They have proficiency in handling pregnancy and childbirth. They also treat disorders of the reproductive system. It is not an easy path for medical students who aspire to have OBGYN as their career. However, below are some of the great compensations for all those hardships that you have come across during the course of study.

A notch higher than the average wages

Physicians and surgeons naturally earn great incomes, and obstetricians are no exception. The obstetrician is amongst the top 15 top paid physicians in the United States. As stated by, the compensation for Obstetrician / Gynecologists in the United States is substantial. Their average annual income is $200,000 to $250,000. Also, Geographical location, experience, educational qualification, and skills optimistically affect the salary range of an OBGYN.

A positive graph in career outlook and substantial job se…

Rewarding aspects of being a Doctor

Training to be a doctor is among the most laborious yet fulfilling pursuits that one can undertake in life. If you're the type of person who meticulously enjoys helping others, medicine as a career path offers opportunity to provide service and support to others as well as saving lives. Doctors are benefited with continuous learning about the job, as medicine and technology is consistently evolving.
Let's take a look at the advantages of a career as a doctor. Rewarding salaries 
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, family and general practitioners earned median annual salaries of $184,390 in May of 2015. This clearly states that most physicians enjoy above-average earnings. This compensation may make up for having to be on call and working long shifts. Additionally, the earning is positively fluctuating based on a physician's years in practice, geographic region of practice, hours of work, skill level, personality and professional reputation.
Personal Satisfac…

Responsibilities of Oncologists

Oncology is a study of tumors. An Oncologist is a doctor who not only studies about the tumors but also helps is the curing process (if curable) and suggests the measures prevent tumors.
These specialized doctors also explain about the course of the disease and the stage at which it been diagnosed when the patient consulted. They confer treatment options and mention the appropriate treatment plan. Oncologists can specialize in medical, surgical, radiation pediatric oncology.
 Every oncologist must choose a field to specialize. Each type of oncologist has their own distinctive set of responsibilities to accomplish. Let’s understand what are the specialties of oncology their roles and responsibilities.

Medical Oncologist
A medical oncologist is a specialist who recognizes and treats the entire spectrum of cancerous diseases. They typically specialize in analgesics, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy as a part of their genre of treatment. They also administer and take care of the patient i…