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5 major data-driven marketing challenges for Healthcare Industry in 2018

Dominating the competition in the healthcare industry is not like before, particularly with technology getting sophisticated & transitional with each passing day. The result is new set of tools & channels further limiting marketers’ campaign goals and influencing decisions of allocating budgets on specific technologies.

Today, patients have multiple choices to switch brands, so are the evolving manifold tech-driven marketing tools of engagement coupled with organizational & execution challenges for marketers. 72% of medical marketers surveyed confirmed about their access to advanced marketing technology tools but only half of them have utilized what they have. The demand for specialty/niche products is changing the pipeline which conjures up another piece of puzzle: How to deliver the right content at each phase of the customer’s life cycle?      

So what’s holding them back? For healthcare leaders, to act with deliberate speed in response to challenging marketing trends,…

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